In the Introduces New Real Estate Online Experience
Published Thursday, March 31, 2016 Updated on Thursday, November 10, 2016 Introduces New Real Estate Online Experience launched a revised real estate website that incorporates many new features that were driven by consumer research and local business practices, including larger photos, and innovative business rules. On listing pages there is a greater emphasis on local content and relevant articles from the archive. The site uses responsive technology which reformats to display on desktop browsers, tablets and smart phones in order to deliver a consistent user experience for site visors regardless of the device they are using. The search experience is custom tailored to meet the needs of, their local marketplace, and site visitors. The property search sections and articles are on the same domain designed for strong SEO, increasing organic traffic from search engines.

“We are pleased by the stellar accomplishment relaunching Real Estate through the leveraging of new innovative technology, along with teamwork together with our partners. Gabriels Technology Solutions has been a strong partner of for nearly 15 years and we look forward to continuing the success we have achieved throughout our history along with celebrating the leap forward this new launch has delivered.”

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