Gabriels Technology Solutions' MLS Partners


The Board considered the implications of a looming change to the listing syndication options for our members as a result of the worsening relations between ListHub and Zillow. Approximately 88% of NNEREN offices use ListHub to populate listings to Zillow, and with the expected elimination of that syndication method in April, the Board has authorized staff to attempt to negotiate a direct opt-in data feed to Zillow.

Matrix is an MLS system and is scheduled to be brought on to run in parallel to InnoVia in 2015 for testing. Staff reports the effort is moving along as scheduled. Communications to members is well underway with the recent addition of a dedicated Matrix page on the member side of and also a Matrix button placed on the NNEREN Dashboard. A brief Matrix FAQ has been published as well as a link to the Matrix Datasheet that includes an overview of the various features. More information will be forthcoming to members. It is very important that members read these communications and documents to ensure they know about the Matrix system and its use.

The MLS Public Website,, currently utilizes a framed link option provided by InnoVia. This was considered a short-term solution. While the data is accurate and in “real-time,” the search features are not proving to be satisfactory. Staff is currently reviewing a list of potential vendors to provide a more consumer-friendly experience for a long-term solution.

SCVBR is still looking for a NNEREN alternate if you would like to become involved please contact Josh Williams or Julie Citron for more information.