Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM & Contact Management Efficiency

Manage and nurture your contacts and keep all important family member information at your finger-tips with Velocity’s powerful Real Estate CRM tools. Velocity provides agents the ability to easily tag, sort, update, track activity and automatically send communications on listings and for important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, home purchase – for efficient and automated handling that lets your Contacts – New, Hot, Warm, Past Sales, etc. – know the decision to work with you was the right one today and tomorrow.

Contact Follow up List

What can make the fundamental Real Estate CRM more powerful? By utilizing the activity and status of a Contact you never have to remember when to follow up? Velocity’s Contact Follow-Up tool automatically informs agents when a contact requires follow up based on predefined business rules. These business rules include the period of time that a Contact has no activity (i.e. Call, Email, Inquiry, etc.) based on their Status (i.e. New, Hot, Warm, Network). Additionally, this feature also includes built in workflows that automatically send preformatted email messages to Contacts with specific Statuses to ensure top-of-mind awareness without lifting a finger.

Contact AutoProfiles

Velocity takes the guess work out of creating Contact Profiles (i.e. Buyer, Renter, etc.) by auto generating them based on data generated from Inquiries, Save Searches and Saved Listings.

Contact AutoMatching

It takes a substantial amount of effort searching for homes for a buyer and finding a buyer for a seller. Allow Velocity to do the work for you.

  • Listing Match: Utilizing a Contact’s Buyer or Renter Profile (Location, Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.) Velocity will automatically find listings that match the criteria and display those on the Contact Details Page. Additionally, Velocity provides agents with easy, one-click email communication to other company agents representing listings so you can easily find out more about listings and make quick decisions around presenting them to your Buyer or Renter.
  • Buyer – Seller Match: This program analyzes Contact Profiles of a Buyer (Location, Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.) and Seller (their property specifications), enabling Velocity to automatically inform you of Buyer Contacts and Seller Contacts that match. Additionally, you will also be notified of other agents in the company that have Contacts that match your Buyer or Seller along with easy, one-click email communication to that agent.
  • Renter– Landlord Match: This program analyzes Contact Profiles of a Renter (Location, Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.) and Landlord (their property specifications), enabling Velocity to automatically inform you of Renter Contacts and Landlord Contacts that match. Additionally, you will also be notified of other agents in the company that have Contacts that match your Renter or Landlord along with easy, one-click email communication to that agent.

    Achieve optimal efficiency with Velocity’s Real Estate CRM.

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