Global Search

Global Search

Powerful Real Estate Search Technology

Affinity offers powerful Real Estate Global Search technology that includes pre-existing international location taxonomy for mapping listings worldwide. Some of the feature highlights available within the Affinity Global Search are as follows:

Website Quick Search

Affinity offers powerful site search technology providing a guided user experience that displays an index of site data based on matching keywords typed into a free form search field. The Quick Search is displayed in the site header, accessible from every page throughout the site so that visitors are never more than a click away from the content they desire to find. Once a user begins typing, an interactive navigation modal window displays categories of data matching the user entered keyword, navigating users to various sections of the site. Property Search categories include geographic areas (i.e. Subdivision, School District, Zip Code, Neighborhood, City, County, State, Country) taking users to the Listing Search Results Page. Other categories include specific properties, buildings or communities that take users directly to the Listing Details Page or Building/Community Landing Page. Additionally a keyword match for Agents or Offices takes users directly to the Agent or Office Profile Pages.

Advanced Search

Affinity Advanced Search technology leverages a Dynamic Web Page and Google Map, which delivers selectable search locations with listings worldwide along with a corresponding map, automatically covering any area without requiring any additional configuration. The Advanced Search provides all available filters on a single page for users to refine their search criteria. Exclusive Featured Listings can be displayed at the bottom of the page, and are targeted based on selected search criteria, refreshing as the user refines their search.

Map Search

Affinity offers six Search Methods seamlessly integrated into a map interface on the Search Results Page and Advanced Search as follows. The Location Search Method displays Country, State, County, and City boundary shape files within the map along with any Custom neighborhood files, providing users with useful geographic boundaries. The School Search Method includes School District boundary shape files nationwide.

1. Location: Search in Selected Locations
2. Map: Search within the Viewable Area of the Map
3. Draw: Search within Custom Drawn Areas
4. Radius: Search within a Radius from a Selected Location
5. Drive: Search based on Driving Time to or from a Selected Location
6. School: Search in Selected School Districts

Map Listing Clusters are groups of listings displayed with a listing count within a circle on the map to help users navigate to areas where there are listings (cluster colors are customizable). A user can click a cluster to zoom into that area. The clusters are displayed when there are too many listings within returned search results to be displayed on the map. Affinity uses our international location taxonomy to associate the clusters to the center point of a particular location based on the zoom level from Country to State, County, and City. When a user hovers over a cluster the name of that location is displayed.

Map Listing Markers display the asking price for Single Family properties, and the number of listings within Multi-Family properties using a slightly different icon. In addition, Listing Attributions can be color coded to indicate properties that have a scheduled Open House, recent Price Reduction, New Listings, In-Contract, or Featured. A good way to emphasize exclusive properties from IDX listings is to mark them Featured so that they are differentiated by having a Listing Attribution. Map Listing Marker Colors are customizable.

Search Widgets

Widgets are Predefined Functional Components that can be dropped into containers throughout the website, and customized through Platform Configuration Options. Search Widgets are available to search various site sections including Listings, Buildings/Communities, Agents, Offices, Location Information.

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