International Real Estate Site Visitor Friendly

Affinity offers a powerful Real Estate Globalization module enabling site visitors to choose to view the site in a variety of foreign languages and currencies, along with English/Metric conversion.

Language Translation

Content will be presented by default in the dominant language spoken based on the geographic service area of the site, and include the option for users to select an alternate language.

GTS translates all words and phrases that are part of the platform into multiple languages, including field titles, property types and amenities. Content that is added to the website site such as Static Web Pages can be submitted in multiple languages through the CMS. Listing descriptions can be displayed in multiple languages if the data feed provides multilingual descriptions, or the Listing Management program in the Administration allows users to enter descriptions in multiple languages.

Affinity supports the following 19 languages:

1) English - Neutral

2) Spanish - American

3) Spanish - European

4) German

5) French - Canadian

6) French - France

7) Italian

8) Japanese

9) Portuguese - Brazilian

10) Portuguese - European

11) Russian

12) Chinese - Simplified

13) Chinese - Traditional

14) Vietnamese

15) Korean

16) Turkish

17) Greek

18) Dutch

19) Swedish

Currency Conversion

Property price values are displayed in any available currency by default. Site visitors can view any of the following 50 currencies using the Currency Conversion feature.

1) USD American Dollar

2) ARS Argentine Peso

3) AWG Aruba Guilders

4) AUD Australian Dollar

5) BSD Bahamas Dollars

6) BBD Barbados Dollars

7) BZD Belize Dollars

8) BMD Bermuda Dollars

9) BRL Brazilian Real

10) GBP British Pound

11) BND Brunei dollar

12) KHR Cambodia Riel

13) CAD Canadian Dollar

14) KYD Cayman Islands Dollars

15) CLP Chilean Peso

16) CNY Chinese Yuan

17) COP Colombian Peso

18) CRC Costa Rica Colones

19) CZK Czech Republic Koruny

20) DOP Dominican Republic Pesos

21) XCD East Caribbean Dollars

22) EGP Egypt Pounds

23) EUR Euro

24) HKD Hong Kong Dollar

25) INR Indian Rupee

26) IDR Indonesia Rupiahs

27) ILS Israeli New Shekel

28) JPY Japanese Yen

29) MYR Malaysian Ringgit

30) MXN Mexican Peso

31) MAD Morocco Dirhams

32) NZD New Zealand Dollar

33) PHP Philippines Pesos

34) PLN Poland Zlotych

35) QAR Qatari Rial

36) RON Romanian Leu

37) RUB Russian Ruble

38) SGD Singapore Dollar

39) SKK Slovakia Koruny

40) ZAR South African Rand

41) KRW South Korean Won

42) SEK Swedish Krona

43) CHF Swiss Franc

44) TWD Taiwan Dollar

45) THB Thai Baht

46) TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dolla

47) TRY Turkish Lira

48) AED United Arab Emirates Dirhams

49) VEF Venezuelan Bolivar

50) VND Vietnam Dong

Metric Conversion

Fields such as Square Feet and Acres include the ability to toggle from English to metric values. Tese fields and conversion options are available on both search components and results or details page display.

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